‘we came to these free countries, most of us did not come by choice, but instead, we came to escape death, imprisonment, torture,…..’

Each of us be part of the people movement for the advancement of human rights for those in Ethiopia as well as for the rights and well being of every Ethiopian in the Diaspora. Ethiopian in the diaspora are all of you who call Ethiopia your motherland, but who now live in outside Ethiopia. If you fit that description, we need your participation in the people movement that is unified beyond our ethnicity, our religion and our political views.

Most of us are first generation immigrants and therefore we know that when we came to these free countries, most of us did not come by choice, but instead, we came to escape death, imprisonment, torture, repression, misery, poverty, lack of educational and economic opportunity in Ethiopia and to find a better life here. Many left because of the repression and the lack of basic freedoms—some of us during the time of Mengistu and some more recently because of ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF/EPRDF.

Some of our fellow Ethiopians are still trying to escape from the same things we ran from, but as we all know, the situation has seriously deteriorated, leaving our beloved family members, our friends and our community members in a worsening economic crisis and in greater jeopardy due to the rampant human rights abuses going on all over the country. 

We in the western countries are extremely busy—working, going to


and raising our families; yet, probably not a day goes past without each of us thinking about our country and our loved ones back home who are struggling to survive. It was reported that Ethiopian in the Diaspora send $3 Billions a year to support their families more than what the ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF/EPRDF spends on helping its citizens.


It has been emotionally difficult enough to worry about our family members having such basics as a roof over their heads, adequate food, an


and health care; however, now, we are worried about the increasing repression, violence and terror, especially since it moved from the rural areas of Ethiopia to the city streets of Addis Ababa and other major cities. Those in the country—politicians, journalists, human rights defenders, educators and other leaders, who were looking for change and speaking out for it, are now locked up in prisons. 


Ethiopia has been a police state with its million citizens locked behind the bars of oppression, fear and deprivation. The situation is worsening rather than improving. If we could, most of us would bring our families to free countries; however, since that is mostly unlikely, what can we do about making Ethiopia a country where its citizens want to remain? 

Many, both inside and outside of Ethiopia, have already become freedom fighters, devoting their lives to this work so that other people can have a better life. You might be one of those struggling for freedom and democracy or it might be one of your family members doing so back in Ethiopia. There are so many ways we can sacrifice, not only for those in our family, but for those others back in Ethiopia. Be part of the change.

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