TPLF Devised of its Political Manifesto in 1976 to Commit Genocide against Amhara, by Gudu Kassa,2012


The  Tigrayan People’s  Liberation Front(TPLF), fascist group had begun to realize their   anti  _ Amhara people labeling them as ethnic group    since 1976  and devised  their   manefesto in 1976  which they pressed “The TPLF manifesto_1968 “. The present Tigrayan Republic   demarcated based on “the 1968  TPLF manifesto” included Welqayitstegedy  and,Seatu Humera of Gondar and Raya ina Qubo of Wollo  .   They (TPLFs) have been working objectively to subjugate  the Amhara people  since 1976. Since then the master mind of TPLF proceeded their devised political agenda segregate Amhara people from the rest of Ethiopians .By devising such political ploy began   committing    genocide and/or ethnic cleansing  against the Amara people most of which are systematic  genocide against the Amhara people. It is imperative  to provide the following documented  credential  evidences about the TPLF committed genocide  against Amhara people since its history at  different time and place : Ever since TPLF took power and in the history of Ethiopia ,they have been targeting people of Amhara origin TPLF after they took power in 1991, they targeted  people of  Amhara and Amhara  origin all over Ethiopia  in their campaign of ethnic cleansing. Still at this movement, they have displacing, torturing  and brutally killing  Amharas any way they can and continuing to do so.The most notable tragic genocide committed by TPLF was  the Bedeno genocide ,where they threw men,women,and children of Amhara ethnic group down a shallow hole while alive. In Arusia, Arbagugu genocide committed in the same fashion they did in Bedeno in 1992,following this  as reported by DW radio ,the TPLF regime forcefully displaced over 20,000 Amharas from a place in Southern Ethiopia called Bench maji zone.

 A census in 2007 found major discrepancy in its reports,showed out of all ethnic groups  in Ethiopia ,the  Amhara ethnic group population revealed an anomaly. According to the census carried out by the TPLF,2.4 millions  Amharas disappeared. Nevertheless, Amhara ethnic group population anomaly  had been remained unjustified  by  the Central Statistics Authority(CSA). The Central Statistics Authority(CSA) official justification explained  in   probability of   the highest infant mortality rate  and  HIVAIDS death in the respective region(Amhara) can be the most likely reasons to the 2007 census discrepancy in the Amhara region.  The justification  to the census anomaly on Amhara ethnic group population confirm the TPLF systematic and targeted genocide  against  Amhara people.The North Gondarian  Amhara people displacement  and/ or replacement by Tigrayan (especially from an areas: Armacheh , Wolket tegeday and Seatetu Humera ( since Humara Sesame seed  variety is well known in the world  market). Such  calculated , targeted and forced  displacement and/or replacement of the Amhara people  from  their birth place and farm land so as  to benefit   Tigrayan  minority ethnic group . In  2012,as reported by Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) and other medias outlets approximately more than   70,000 Amhara ethnic group forced displacement from  Gura ferda in SNNR  can be the most calculated and targeted against Amhara ethnic group to accomplish the 1976 TPLF manifesto of  ethnic cleansing.  There fore, we are too late to take counter action we have to be able to defined ourselves together with other victim  citizen of Ethiopians. TPLF ruled Ethiopia with hunger ,conflict and genocide as a means of repression and deception. Ethiopia as a result of TPLF come to power become landlocked  and paid millions of dollar for the port rent. The tyranny ethnio fascist TPLF junta   had also given away  land from Ethiopia which accounts 88,000km square( 1,300 km  length boarder length with 60 kms radius(distance to  inside) from south western Sudan boarder  to Sudan government   in lack of accountability to Ethiopian people . Finally I concluded that the TPLF junta used any  means under the sun to retain their power  and continue the genocide against Amhara people in particular and the the rest of Ethiopians ingeneral regardless the prevailing situation..

TPLF Manifesto Amhara was labeled as number 1 enemy of TigrayTPLF Manifesto Amhara was labeled as enemy of Tigray

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