Observers say the arrest of the ranking security official could be a prelude to the arrest of Azeb, who is billed “Mother of All Corruption” in the country. Azeb was recently relieved of her post as CEO of EFFORT, the business oligarchy that has never been audited despite comprising major multi-billion-dollar companies such as Sur Construction, Mesfin Engineering, Almeda Textiles, and nearly two dozen business enterprises that have been the cash cow of the Meles-Azeb family and their inner-circle liutenants.

    When Meles Zenawi was alive, Azeb was the most feared and powerful woman who at party meetings lashed out at current security chief Getachew Assefa for corruption and extravagant lifestyle. Azeb had insisted that Getachew should be fired and her favorite, Woldeselassie, promoted.

    Ethiopia arrests top security official His arrest may be a prelude to the arrest of Azeb Mesfin,…


    Her liutenants are being rounded up for corruption … and it may be a matter of time before she joins them at Kaliti August 31, 2013 WASHINGTON, DC – A top Ethiopian security official has been arr…
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